Our Standalone & Add-On Ancillaries

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Radon Testing

Detect the unseen threat of radon with our state-of-the-art technology. Our Continuous Radon Monitors provide hour-by-hour readings, ensuring accurate and instantaneous results for your peace of mind.

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Termite Inspections

Protect your property from silent invaders. Termite inspections are crucial as these pests can cause extensive damage unnoticed. Our visual evaluations cover main floors, attics, crawl spaces, and basements

view through a magnifying glass. white wall with black mold. dangerous fungus that needs to be destroyed. It spoils look of house and is very harmful parasite for human health.

Mold Sampling

Our certified technicians at ProTec Inspection Services utilize advanced technology for on-the-spot samples, providing quick and accurate mold testing results to identify potential risks on your property.

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Pool Inspections

Our inspectors assess systems, checking for exposed wires, fencing issues, mold, cracks, and mechanical deficiencies. Receive an overview and maintenance tips to keep your pool area in top condition.

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Water Testing

Prioritize your well-being by testing your water. With an average daily household consumption of 300 gallons, knowing your water’s quality is crucial. Uncover contaminants through water testing.

Plastic pipes in the ground during the construction of a building

Sewer Scope Cameras

Our high-resolution cameras are inserted up to 100 feet into the main sewer line, providing real-time images to identify potential problems. Avoid headaches and costly repairs by ensuring the main sewer line is problem-free.

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A pre-purchase EIFS home inspection is crucial. These inspections ensure proper installation, identify water-related issues, and provide comprehensive insights, empowering buyers to make informed decisions

An infrared thermal imaging device is seen in use, close up during an indoor environmental quality and regulation assessment, with copy space.


Ideal for home inspections, it detects issues with electrical wiring, insulation, and other components. Beyond problem detection, thermography assesses insulation efficiency and overall home condition.

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Our Standard Inspections

Home Inspections

If you’re buying or listing a home, a residential inspection will guarantee that you’re charged with the right information before you make your final decision.

Commercial Inspections

Any issues with your commercial property can lose you time and money. With a proper inspection, you’ll keep your people safe, and avoid any unnecessary quarterly expenses.                                        

Rental Inspections

Before you begin leasing units, ensure your property meets expected standards so you’ll have satisfied tenants on move-in day, and can prevent unexpected maintenance costs.


Making the recommended repairs from an inspector will make sure your family is safe and sound in your new home. Consider a re-inspection for our certified approval on a job well done.

New Construction

When your new home is being built, you’ll want to to verify that nothing is missed when the plywood goes up. We offer a pre-drywall inspection, final walkthrough, and builder’s warrenty.

Walk & Talks

Even if you wave your contingency on a property, you’ll still want an inspections keen eye to make sure there’s no hidden surprises. We offer shorter consultations with our inspectors for that purpose.


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