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We suggest checking with your agent to verify that the utilities are turned on or we will not be able to perform a full inspection. The inspector will need access to the attic hatch, electrical panel, and furnace room.

Our inspectors will attempt to complete a physical or visual inspection of the roof when accessible.  When that is not possible, our inspector will let you know if a roofing company is required for a full roof inspection.

The inspection fee is subject to change if the property details provided do not accurately reflect the home. We encourage you to resolve any pricing concerns before the day of inspection.

*Another trip to the property to recheck any items will be at an additional fee.

Having an expert that knows the systems of a home will empower you to make the right decisions. We simply are a great tool for you; whether you are selling or buying a home. It helps to know all the areas that need work as well as all the things that will make the house a great home or investment.


Home Inspectors typically look for any issues with the systems of the home. Whether it be the home’s foundation, roof, electrical, plumbing, or HVAC systems. They note what they find in an inspection report given to the client.


Cost varies based on size of the building as well as the amount of information you need about the house. We provide free quotes! Request a free quote online or call our office! We’d be happy to help!


Of course! We believe in our inspectors so much that we provide a 200% guarantee! You will be fully satisfied with our performance at the end of the inspection, or we will refund your purchase and pay our competition to conduct a second inspection.


We always suggest that the home buyers attend the home inspection so they have all the information they’ll need while weighing their property purchase.


Water Testing

Please promptly notify home occupants of following testing conditions:

No water can be run anywhere in the home for 6-12 hours before the samples are collected (including flushing toilets and using refrigerator water dispensers). We recommend 10:00PM the night before testing as a general cutoff guideline.

For vacant homes, we recommend having the Listing Agent or Owner flush out long-sitting water in the pipes by running the cold water in the kitchen sink, hall bath sink, and laundry/utility sink for 5-10 minutes the day before samples are collected.

Water testing can do more than determine whether your water is safe — it can also help you identify common problems that may be harmless, but still affect the taste and quality of your water. This can include water hardness, pH levels, and sulphur levels. Determining what type of water you have will make it easier to determine the type of filter and water filtration system that will best fit your needs and improve the quality of your water.


Many states and towns do not require sampling of private wells after installation. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain the safety of their water.


When buying a home supplied by city water, local authorities will test at public water facilities, but they don’t test what’s coming out of your faucet.


Termite Inspections

Payment and a signed Inspection Agreement are required online before reports can be released. The following links have been included in your confirmation email.


Sewer Scope Inspections

Payment and a signed Inspection Agreement are required online before reports can be released. The following links have been included in your confirmation email.


Radon Testing

The following “Closed House” conditions need to be met to ensure an accurate radon level reading. If the testing environment does not remain as directed, the test results will be invalidated and the property’s radon level will need to be retested.

The retest fee is $199.

The testing equipment is to be handled by ProTec personnel only.

The monitor cannot be unplugged or moved. The device can detect tampering and movement.

Radon Tests may be picked up after 3 days rather than 2 days. Please ensure that this timeline meets your contingency requirements or contact our office to discuss pick up options. Our radon department does not operate on Sundays.

You will be notified a day in advance of the pickup time.

Inspectors will not be able to provide a pickup time when the test is started. You will receive the test results via email on the evening of pickup, if payment has been received in full.

Radon is an invisible, odorless, and tasteless gas. It is radioactive yet undetectable to the naked eye. Radon comes from the natural decay of uranium in some building materials, soil, water, and rocks.

As the cause of over 21,000 lung cancer deaths every year, testing your home for this health hazard is critical, especially when you’re moving your family into a new residence.

The only way to be sure you home isn’t affected, is to get a simple radon test.

Depending on the test it may take several days to get your accurate radon reading, but luckily they have a quick turn around of 2-3 days from when your test is completed to receive your report.


You can check your local county laws to see if your district mandates radon testing for new home purchases.


If you live in an area with high radon levels, it might be beneficial to schedule your property to ensure it doesn’t have any hidden health hazards.

If you live in a county that requires a radon test prior to purchasing a home, you may need to schedule one when you’re considering a property.

Mold Testing

Please inform any property occupants of the inspection time and mold sampling conditions.

The following “Closed House” conditions need to be met to ensure an accurate mold sample reading.


Windows: Every window in the property must remain closed for 2 hours prior to the sampling

Doors: Doors must remain closed, except for normal entry and exit, for 2 hours prior to sampling.

HVAC:  Heating and cooling may be used as normal.

Fans:  Fans of any type should not be used in the same room where the mold is suspected 2 hours prior to the testing.

According to the Department of Health:

“Exposure to a large number of mold spores may cause allergic symptoms such as watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, itching, coughing, wheezing, difficulty breathing, headache, and fatigue. Repeated exposure to mold can increase a person’s sensitivity, causing more severe allergic reactions. These problems are worse indoors, where mold causes indoor air quality problems. Certain molds, such as Stachybotrys and Aspergillus, can produce toxins called mycotoxins under certain conditions. Exposure to mycotoxins can cause more serious illness.”

Mold often grows in damp, humid areas, making places in your home like basements, crawl spaces, and attics particularly susceptible to microbial growth.


Swab Samples are fairly quick and only require a technician to swab an affected surface before sending it out to be reviewed by the lab.

Air Samples roughly take around 10 minutes each, with one control test always taken outside to be cross-referenced with as many desired indoor air tests.

After being sent to the lab, results can be expected in between 2-3 days, with our team providing an in-house written translation to help break down the key takeaways from the findings.

Pool Inspections

Is there a combo, a Sentrilock box, a lock on the pool gate we can use for access? Otherwise, we will need someone to meet us at that time. Please reply to your confirmation email or call 301-972-8531 with access instructions.

Please Note: In order for ProTec to access a Virginia registered SentriLock box, we will need to know your CBS Code. This is not a one-day code, but a code specific to your SentriLock profile and required in order for our Affiliate Card to be able to open the lockbox. Please let us know if you would like instructions on how to find your CBS code. 

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