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ProTec provides commercial real estate clients with the highest quality property condition assessments. Our industry leading experience and expertise enable us to understand our customers’ needs and accurately identify necessary inspections for commercial spaces. Our customized services are tailored to fulfill each client’s specific requirements and reflect an understanding of their urgency. 

By adhering to ASTM Standard E 2018-15, ProTec can ensure the most reliable commercial inspections available. Our property condition assessments draw upon our experienced knowledge, delivering commercial real estate clients with a comprehensive evaluation of all major systems within the properties they own.

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Windows & Doors

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The ProTec Difference

Let us help you complete your due diligence with ease! Since 1986, we have been working closely with clients to find potential risks related to their commercial building purchase by performing quality and timely property condition assessments. With more than 30 years of experience, ProTec knows what needs to be done to reduce the risk of investment failures.

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