Considering a Pool Inspection?

A pool is a great amenity in a home and can add to the value of the home. However, if the pool is in poor condition it can be expensive to fix. This is why it’s important to have a professional pool inspection before purchasing the home to assess the safety and overall condition of the pool. To feel more confident in your inspection and make an informed purchase, it’s important to know what to look for when finding a pool inspector!

What Will An Inspector Look For? 

When having your pool inspected, inspectors will look for any structural concerns such as movement of the pool, which is especially important if the pool has been empty for a period of time. When a pool is empty it is buoyant and can rise as much as a foot from the ground, which is something that cannot be repaired. Cracking, lifting, or separating in the concrete pool deck can also be an indication that the pool structure may have lifted at some point. 

Once the surrounding areas of the pool are inspected for structural concerns, they will then look internally for any cracking, loose or missing plaster, tiles and grout, stains, rust, and black algae. It’s important that they look for any loose or corroded ladders and hand railings as well as any missing bolts or cracks on slides and diving boards as well.

The inspector will examine the water to make sure the water level is even on all sides of the pool. This is important to determine whether the pool is leaning, sloping, or sinking. Looking for algae and cloudy conditions as well, this could indicate an issue with the filtration system.

After conducting the visual inspection of the water condition, the inspector will examine the pool pump and plumbing by looking for leaking, corrosion, issues with wiring and cracks, and listening for any irregular noises. Checking the pool fill supply valve for leaking and damage, and potentially the slide water supply, if a slide is present. They will also examine the electrical components like timers and lighting for any loose or exposed connections, or any damage to fixtures and seals. If there’s a heater, they will check the gas supply for any leaks, abnormalities, and overall condition of the supply line. 

Can A Home Inspector Inspect A Swimming Pool? 

Whether a home inspector can inspect a pool depends on the company and the inspector. At ProTec Inspection Services, our inspectors are highly trained and proficient at conducting a thorough pool and spa inspection. Our inspectors evaluate and assess the current condition of the pool itself as well as the surrounding area to provide clients a complete overview of the complex systems and overall functionality. Once done with the inspection, w\\our team will provide an in-depth report documented with all of our findings and will also offer tips and recommendations to maintain your pool area and keep it operative.

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