Our Team


Rob Hopkin

President & Founder


Rob is the president of ProTec and has been doing both residential and commercial inspections for 30 years. He is a certified building inspector specializing in commercial inspections and estate homes. A member of ASHI and InterNACHI, Rob also is a certified mold inspector, a wood-destroying insect inspector, pool inspector and an accredited Level 1 certified residential thermographer. Rob is licensed and certified to perform all sorts of building evaluations throughout the Washington Metropolitan area.

An international business coach to home inspectors throughout North America and a mentor to building inspectors throughout the country, Rob regularly speaks to groups of home inspectors, Realtors, and contractors, to help them learn how to properly market and run their business. In 2010, Rob and his wife, Michelle, won the national “Better Your Best” award for business improvement and marketing among building inspectors in the U.S. and Canada.

Today, Rob oversees one of the largest home inspection companies in North America, inspecting more than 3 Billion Dollars’ worth of real estate annually. Rob’s top priority for ProTec is taking care of the customer. We believe by taking care of our customers, their lives will improve — elevating our business and personal lives as well.

When Rob is not in the office, he can often be found on the Four Streams golf course in Beallsville, where he is unsuccessfully trying to relive his youth as an accomplished tournament player. In addition to golf, Rob is an avid Redskins and Nationals fan. These days, his real devotion is watching his kids play their sports. Cheering is less painful than playing.

Ask Rob to tell you his best dad joke! 

Email: Rob@ProTec-Inspections.com


Michelle Hopkin

CEO & Co-Owner


Our CEO and CoOwner. Her master’s degree in mathematics and experience keeping tabs on kids has given Michelle the ability to juggle many tasks at once. She is the heart and soul of the company. As it turns out, she is a marketing wiz. Since bringing her on board, our business has increased 1000 percent. Thanks in large part to Michelle, we are now one of the largest private home inspection companies in the country.

Michelle speaks to Realtor groups and home inspectors on a regular basis on the subjects of inspections, marketing, and business development. Homemade food and a quality speaker really bring in the agents to office staff meetings! If you would like to have Michelle speak at your office, give us a call at (301) 972-8531. Call well in advance, as she is often booked up for months at a time.

Michelle is a certified commercial inspector, National Radon Safety Board-qualified radon manager, and certified mold inspector. Rob jokes that he brought her in to work for him, but now it appears that he works for her.

When Michelle is not on the job, she is coaching her daughter in soccer and basketball or attending her son’s football or lacrosse games. 

Ask Michelle for recommendations for yoga, hiking trails for your dogs and delicious healthy snacks!

Email: Michelle@ProTec-Inspections.com


General Manager


Corey comes to ProTec after 8.5 years as a Signal Corps Officer and another 9 years working in HR for the Army. She has extensive experience in gymnastics and cheerleading. What an amazing combination! Her discipline for excellence makes her the perfect addition to our growing team. When Corey is not at work attending multitude of meetings, she is enjoying life with her elementary school sweetheart. She is also a mom to two beautiful teenagers and a cute little puggy named Rosco. She can handle it all, and we’re not letting her go anywhere!

Ask Corey: what made her famous in her hometown?

Email: Corey@ProTec-Inspections.com



Director of Growth & Business Development


Lexy, originally from Cleveland, is our director of happiness/marketing manager. One of our core company philosophy is that family is the most important thing in this world, and Lexy became part of Rob & Michelle’s family since she first moved to this area to be with their nephew, Scott.

Turns out, she is really good at a lot of stuff. Lexy is very well organized and has great and original ideas for marketing every week. Who wouldn’t hire someone that grabs the bull by the horns and just makes it happen? We think there is a good chance Lexy will be running the entire company at some point.

She travels all over the metro area doing podcasts with real estate agents, spreading goodwill and cookies like Johnny Appleseed spread seeds. When she is not out singing ProTec’s praises, she can be found in the office helping solve any issues that arise!

In her spare time, Lexy enjoys yoga, cooking adventurous recipes, and playing with her dog Bella.

Ask Lexy for tips to do a headstand!

Email: Lexy@ProTec-Inspections.com


Director of Expansion

Phil with ProTec Inspection Services


Inspector Manager Ohio


Phil is one of our most detail-oriented inspectors and his thirst for knowledge fits perfectly in this industry. Clients and Realtors alike appreciate his ability to write inspection reports in a clear, concise manner. A graduate of Kent State University with a degree in psychology. Phil also hails from Cleveland, like so many of our inspectors. He is usually booked solid most days. He is a certified by ASHI and InterNACHI and has earned several credentials since becoming a licensed home inspector, including mold sampling, termite inspections, residential infrared thermography, and he is certified through the NRSB for radon testing.

Ask Phil about his growing family!

Email: Phil@ProTec-Inspections.com



Inspector Manager Philadelphia


Ryan H.’s addition to our team also bought us the opportunity to expand into a new territory, the Philadelphia/New Jersey region. Ryan has gained extensive experience in the home inspection industry previous to partnering with us. When he’s not busy driving from state to state, he spends quality time with his wife and their dog, Charlie.

Ask Ryan H. for Golfing tips!

Email: RyanH@ProTec-Inspections.com



Inspector Team Leader


Quick witted and kindhearted, Scott has the detailed mindset of an engineer and the ability to relate to people like a counselor. In addition to being certified by both ASHI and InterNACHI, he is certified in mold sampling, residential infrared scanning, and termite inspections. He also is an NRSB certified radon technician. Clients and agents alike are amazed at his extensive knowledge and experience. Scott also is Rob & Michelle’s nephew.

Ask Scott about his most recent DIY home project. He and Lexy (ProTec power couple/newlyweds) are always renovating something new in their home!

Email: Scott@ProTec-Inspections.com

Julie with ProTec Inspection Services


Payroll Manager


Julie is assisting managers with any projects they throw her way and has now taken over as the Payroll manager while taking care of her adorable little girl.

She completed a degree in accounting from the University of Richmond. Julie is the most organized and possibly the smartest person in the company! She will soon have done every task in the business short of an actual building inspection. We are pleased to have her on board and wish we could hire another five like her. Our rule is that if Julie is handling a task, we might as well consider it done.

Ask Julie about her best friend!

Email: Julie@ProTec-Inspections.com

Rashida Akhter


Commercial Project Manager


Rashida is a graduate of VCU and lives in Germantown with her dog Hazel. She loves cooking and sports and is the youngest of three kids that grew up in Alexandria, VA. She is a big believer in living outside your comfort zone, which is a huge plus at ProTec because we are always pushing the envelope on what is possible.

When looking to hire a new employee, one of ProTec’s key questions is “Why?” We know if an employee has a strong personal “Why” that is in alignment with our company’s, we both will thrive. Rashida is all about helping people and that is exactly what we look for.

The next thing we look for is someone that is a “Who”. We found out a couple of years back that by focusing on the “Who”, the “What” and the “How” will take care of themselves. Rashida is our favorite kind of “Who” to hire—smart and ambitious. We point her at a project, and she knocks it out of the park–often in ways we never thought of.

Rashida is taking over our Commercial Department and involved in every special project that requires thinking out of the box.

Ask Rashida for a must-read book recommendation!

Email: Rashida@ProTec-Inspections.com

Brad with ProTec Inspection Services


Inspector Manager DMV


Brad is Rob and Michelle’s eldest son. Brad has more certifications and credentials than anyone in the company! When first training, the professor called him “Rain Man” because he already knew the answers to the professor’s questions from listening to his dad over the years at the dinner table. Brad was a volunteer firefighter which gives him the real-world knowledge to problems that can happen because of poor construction practices. You know he has a gentle heart because also rescued the most wonderful dog, Bullet.

Ask Brad for tips on home renovations, especially homes that need a lot of work!

Email: Brad@ProTec-Inspections.com

Matt with ProTec Inspection Services


Inspector Team Leader


Matt began working with us as a real estate agent. A short time later he began dating Michelle’s niece (they are now married with their first child). His former training as a Realtor has given him the insight to know what to say and when to say it. In addition to being a MD and VA licensed home inspector, Matt performs Commercial Building Inspections. He has a bachelor’s degree in English from Towson University. Matt is one of those guys who just gets it and gets it right the first time, thanks to his unmatched attention to detail

When he is not working, which is rare, Matt enjoys watching football and basketball and is a big Capitals fan.

Ask Matt for tips on playing the guitar!

Email: Matt@ProTec-Inspections.com

Dane with ProTec Inspection Services




Dane  is smart, dedicated and highly motivated! Dane’s hobbies are hiking every mountain he sees, and everything sports-related. He has traveled to over 30 states and twice to Iceland producing running events.

When it’s too cold to hike, he likes buying and selling things on Ebay.

Ask Dane about his travels!

Email: Dane@ProTec-Inspections.com

Ryan with ProTec Inspection Services

Ryan K.

Inspector Team Leader


Ryan grew up across the street from Rob & Michelle since the age of one. He is best friends with Rob’s son Brad who recommended him for the job. It’s so funny to us that we have been looking for home inspector candidates for 20 years and one of the best candidates we have ever had already lived right across the street!

Ryan specializes in our ancillary services department: doing sewer camera inspections, radon tests, mold tests and whatever else is needed. He is one of those guys that always says yes when we ask “who can we get to do that?”.

Before becoming a home inspector Ryan, was an auto mechanic; and has a great eye for detail. His hobbies are sports and doing anything outdoors.

Ask Ryan about his motorcycle!

Email: Ryan@ProTec-Inspections.com

Ann with ProTec Inspection Services


Co-Office Manager


Ann came to work at ProTec now that her kids are in school. Her kids help out around the office too! What a find! She has a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Pittsburgh and is a master at multi-tasking. She is one of our top customer service reps, having previously worked in a similar role in the health care industry. She walked in the door ready to work.

Ann has three children, and like most of our office staff, lives in Poolesville. One of the perks of working for a family owned company in town is the ability to run up to the school to decorate for a party and still get in a full day at the office.

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Ann is an avid Steelers and Penguins fan, but we let that slide since she rarely wears her jerseys to work.

When asked what we should include in her bio, she wrote a line that says it all: “I enjoy my job and can’t wait to take your call.”

Ask Ann about visiting the Whitehouse and meeting the President with the Penguins!



Growth Team Leader


Hayley has become the extraordinary executioner behind our growing Podcast series. She is well traveled, by that we mean she has literally been to all 50 states while living in a van with her boyfriend. Hayley grew up training police dogs with her dad (for search and rescue) and also has a great deal of experience with horses. In such a short amount of time, she has taken over our social media program, become our photographer and has expanded our reach in the real estate industry with her amazing personality!

Ask Hayley for surfing tips! (You may have to travel to Hawaii)

Email: Hayley@ProTec-Inspections.com

Kelsey with ProTec Inspection Services


Radon Manager


Kelsey comes to us as a graduate of James Madison University earning a degree in Health Science. So of course, she’s a great fit to manage our Radon department. Prior to working with ProTec, she worked as a personal trainer for the government. In her spare time, Kelsey is a coach multiple teams in basketball and softball. And when she’s done training her athletes to win every game, she can be found on the beach in Ocean City or spending time with her family.

Ask Kelsey to show you perfect form for doing effective pushups and burpees!

Email: Kelsey@ProTec-Inspections.com

Richard with ProTec Inspection Services




Richard is up for any challenge. After working in the pest control industry for several years, he decided the home inspection field was a natural fit and we agree. Richard has performed several hundred inspections since joining the home inspection profession and has done a great job on our team. His qualifications include: Licensed Termite inspector, certified InterNACHI home inspector, ASHI candidate, NRSB radon certified and a certified mold sampler. He enjoys the beach and is a devoted father of five! Along with playing dress up, he lets his kids paint his hands and feet so try not to give him too hard a time about the manicure.

Ask Richard for tips on managing a large family!

Email: Richard@ProTec-Inspections.com

Erik with ProTec Inspection Services




Erik is a jack-of-all-trades. He has been trained to do every aspect of ProTec’s services at the highest level. As a licensed inspector in Maryland and Virginia, Erik is our top requested Spanish-speaking inspector and has the ability to communicate the findings of an inspection in a both informative and non-threatening manner. He has that unique ability to connect with everyone he meets. When Erik is not working, he likes to cook, make people laugh, and play sports.

Ask Erik about his newly married life!

Email: Erik@ProTec-Inspections.com

Bruce with ProTec Inspection Services




Bruce is a real good golfer that you always want on your team. He brings remolding experience into the inspection role, making him an even better inspector! He holds certifications for both ASHI and InterNACHI, mold sampling, residential infrared scanning, and termite inspections, and of course is a NRSB certified Radon Measurement Technician. Bruce is really into music as well, has attended numerous concerts.

Ask Bruce to tell you exactly how many concerts he has attended!

Email: Bruce@ProTec-Inspections.com



Co-Office Manager


Lisa Selby comes to us with a long history of customer service experience.  Lisa is Bruce’s baby sister; she has great sales experience and is an indispensable asset to our scheduling team. Lisa enjoys reading, attending concerts, golfing, and traveling for weekend girls’ trips to family vacations!

Ask Lisa for recipes on making delicious boozy drinks!

Email: ClientCare@ProTec-Inspections.com


Growth Team Member


Robby Lenz with ProTec Inspection Services

Rob L.



Rob L. has 10 years of high-level construction experience so he really knows new homes, especially high-end new homes better than any 10-year inspector. He lives in a 100+ year old fixer upper home in Frederick so Rob is intimately familiar with the quirks of older homes as well. He is one of the most personable guys you will ever meet with a smile on his face from morning till his head hits the pillow.

Ask Rob L. about his latest hunting/fishing expedition!

Email: RobL@ProTec-Inspections.com

Donny with ProTec Inspection Services




Donny has exponential promise at ProTec! He has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Penn State. Talk about being the perfect match as we have been looking to add engineers to our team!

Naturally, he has a passion for learning–especially anything science-related. His hobbies are 3D printing, games and reading.

Ask Donny for some interesting sports statistics!

Email: Donny@ProTec-Inspections.com

Ivan with ProTec Inspection Services




Ivan knew what he wanted to do when he joined Protec and he has been taking on loads of inspections so you can be sure that he knows his stuff when it comes to inspecting homes. Like all of our inspectors, Ivan is fully certified on all of our ancillary services! If he’s not busy working, he can be found outdoors, taking photos of wildlife and landscape. He enjoys getting away from the crowded cities for some peaceful fishing, hiking, and camping near lakes and oceans.

Ask Ivan to teach you a word or two in his native language!

Email: Ivan@ProTec-Inspections.com

Doris with ProTec Inspection Services


Client Care Coordinator


Doris worked hard for IBM for 30 years and is now an important player on the ProTec Client Care Team. We hired her because she has such a service heart. If you read our core beliefs, you will see the first and most important one is having a service heart. We want employees that have a burning desire to help others. Doris is the kind of employee that will go the extra mile for our clients and realtors. Spend an hour with her and you’ll see there is no one who enjoys their job more than Doris. It’s great to have that kind of energy around a bustling office.

Doris’ favorite night of the week is Trivia Tuesdays. She is also an avid scuba diver and bowler!

Ask Doris for tips on making the best zucchini bread!

Michael with ProTec Inspection Services


Radon Technician


Michael is Rob and Michelle’s youngest son. He majors in Sports Management at James Madison University when he is not working for ProTec as a radon tech. One of the things we stress is to obtain specific knowledge. That specific knowledge that few others have enable him to be in demand and earn more. Michael listened to that advice, took courses and a test to become a NRSB certified radon tech. He now earns more part time as a radon tech than anyone else he knows.

Encourage your kids to gain specific knowledge. It will serve them well later in life. We feel it is important to teach kids about work early and give them a good sense of the entrepreneurial spirit.

Ask Michael what it’s like to attend college during the pandemic!

Email: ClientCare@ProTec-Inspections.com




Kendall loves art (paint, draw, sculpt, visual) – all forms!  He enjoys sports, has played volleyball in high school and loves spending time with family playing cornhole.

Email: Kendall@ProTec-Inspections.com


Josh with ProTec Inspection Services




Josh is Molly’s husband and our go to guy for last minute needs! Pressing requests are bound to occur so it’s good to have someone like Josh who is willing to take on a home inspection with very little notice or go on a radon run. He is always up for helping us out when we’re in a jam. When Josh isn’t busy working for us or playing with his son, he enjoys camping, playing the drums, working on cars and bikes.


Ask Josh about Star Wars!

Email: Josh@ProTec-Inspections.com



Client Care Coordinator


Laritza worked for Toy R’ Us, crochets in her spare time, enjoys playing Terraria, bi-lingual in Spanish and English.
She’s energetic on the phone and assures all of our clients receive exceptional service!

Email: ClientCare@ProTec-Inspections.com


Team Assistant


In between classes and during the holidays Lindsey is our go to assistant for almost all things! She will admit she loves cheesy romance novels, trying new cooking recipes, and going to yoga.

Ask Lindsey about her auntie life!

Email: ClientCare@ProTec-Inspections.com

Katie with ProTec


Radon Assistant


Katie is Rob and Michelle’s youngest daughter. She is the one that keeps Michelle from crying every day now that Michael is off to college. Katie’s main job is giving Michelle a reason to go home at a decent hour. She is an avid athlete and tallest girl in her class playing soccer, basketball and swimming on the swim team.

Katie has been helping our radon team when she’s not busy teaching Rob how to use his iPhone.

Email: ClientCare@ProTec-Inspections.com





TJ is a proud father of a beautiful little girl. He enjoys hunting and fishing, and rides motorcycles in his spare time.

Email: TJ@ProTec-Inspections.com




Sam has worked in the restaurant industry as a bartender and has coached lacrosse. He spends free time at the gym and has his hands full with an adorable Pomsky puppy!

Email: Sam@ProTec-Inspections.com




Client Care Coordinator

Rob J.






Will is childhood friend of Scott and of course is from Cleveland as well. He has moved to this area with his girlfriend and their two adorable huskies. He is an avid fan of the marvel franchise.

Email: Will@ProTec-Inspections.com





Client Care Coordinator








This is our radon detecting dog Abby and her gang. Just kidding—there is no such thing – but she and the rest of her gang think they work for the company and her job is to let us know when the UPS truck stops in front of the office. Daisy, Bella, Piper, Harley and Bullet are Abby’s trusted assistants, who you might hear racing through the office for no apparent reason.

The office is just a better place with a few dogs running around. A core belief of ProTec is that family is the most important thing in our lives and the dogs are part of our family.