Mold Sampling

Why Do You Need a Mold Sampling?

Mold can cause several health issues, the most common is indoor allergies. Children, senior and sickness prone people are most vulnerable to mold. Don’t let it affect your family.

 ProTec Inspection Services has a team of certified mold sampling technicians to help identify any potential risk areas on your property. We have the technology to take care samples on the spot and work with local laboratories to get quick mold testing results.

Our Mold Sampling Methods

Whether you’ve had a leaky pipe, flooded basement, or simply can’t seem to get rid of that mildew smell in the laundry room, mold sampling can help determine if a larger problem is present in the area. We offer air and swab sampling.

Swab Sample

Swab Samples can be taken off a surface. The test will show whether or not the growth is mold and what type it is.

Air Sample

Air Samples can be taken in any room and will indicate if any, what type and how many mold spores are in the air.

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