Our Standard Inspections

Home Inspections

If you’re buying or listing a home, a residential inspection will guarantee that you’re charged with the right information before you make your final decision.

Commercial Inspections

Any issues with your commercial property can lose you time and money. With a proper inspection, you’ll keep your people safe, and avoid any unnecessary quarterly expenses.                                        

Rental Inspections

Before you begin leasing units, ensure your property meets expected standards so you’ll have satisfied tenants on move-in day, and can prevent unexpected maintenance costs.


Making the recommended repairs from an inspector will make sure your family is safe and sound in your new home. Consider a re-inspection for our certified approval on a job well done.

New Construction

When your new home is being built, you’ll want to to verify that nothing is missed when the plywood goes up. We offer a pre-drywall inspection, final walkthrough, and builder’s warrenty.

Walk & Talks

Even if you wave your contingency on a property, you’ll still want an inspections keen eye to make sure there’s no hidden surprises. We offer shorter consultations with our inspectors for that purpose.

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After the inspection, you will receive a detailed report on your property from the inspector.

The ProTec Difference

ProTec Inspection Services has completed over 50,000 inspections, and our inspectors provide experience and excellence that are second to none. We are constantly raising the bar, ensuring that when clients receive their reports, they know their properties have been reviewed by the best.

Inspectors on Roof

We Are The Best In The Business

All ProTec inspectors are cross-trained in every aspect of inspecting and are constantly undergoing training to stay on top of their game.

We have completed over 50,000 inspections leading the industry in experience and excellence.

With 24/7 scheduling, and a continuously growing team of inspectors, we have the flexibility to work with your schedule! Offering an array of ancillary services, we can accommodate all of your inspection needs with one phone calland delier fast, exceptional reports.

Recommended Contractors

Contractor Referrals

At ProTec Inspection Services, we have the pleasure of working with hundreds of area business just like ours. From general handyman services and house cleaning to veterinarians and even other home inspectors, we rely on these resources on a regular basis, and we are happy to refer them to you.

Don’t Forget: if you use our list to find a contractor, please let them know where you found them so they will take good care of you.


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