Pay at Close


What is Pay at Close?

ProTec Inspection Services now offers an option to pay at close! This allows a buyer to defer payment for ProTec’s services until closing.

Including the cost of an inspection with the closing payments enables buyers to free up proceeds from the house they are selling, or for first-time buyers, to avoid placing a charge on their credit card while their mortgage is in lender underwriting.

How Can I Choose To
Pay At Close

  • Have a current ratified contract on a property.
  • Tell us where you are going for your closing.
  • Let us know when you schedule your inspection.

What If I Do Not Go
Through With Closing?

If after your inspection, you do not go through with closing on the home, your inspection services will be charged to your credit card. If you are still in the market for a new home, ProTec will also provide a $100 discount off your next inspection!

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