Pay at Close Option

What Is Pay At Close?

House hunting is never easy, and what looks good on the outside might not always be as perfect to the trained eye. Expenses start to build up, and the last thing anyone wants to worry about is having money to pay for an inspection right before buying a home.

ProTec Inspection Services now offers an option to pay at close, allowing a buyer to defer the payment of an inspection until closing. There is a $50 discount when you choose to pay early, or you can pay the full cost at closing through escrow.

Before pay at close, the buyer was stuck having to pay for an inspection through ACH or on a credit card before the inspection occurs. Including the cost of an inspection with the closing payments will enable a buyer to free up proceeds from the house they are selling, or for a first-time buyer, not put a sizable charge on their credit card as a loan could be processing. The price is not grouped into a mortgage as most lenders will allow.

How Do I Qualify For Pay At Close?

  • Have a current ratified contract on a property and have the inspection take place before the closing date.
  • Any ancillary services, such as radon or termite testing, provided by ProTec Inspection Services will have a separate fee independent of the inspection.
  • The inspection provided in pay at close is still the same service provided during a regular inspection.
  • The only difference is the date in which you pay for the inspection.

What If Do Not Go Through With Closing?

If after your inspection, you for whatever reason choose to not go through with the closing process on the home, you will then be charged the standard fee for an inspection. You will also receive a coupon for $100 off your next inspection with a member of the ProTec Inspection Services team.

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