Prelisting Inspections

What To Do Before Putting A Home On The Market?

Home inspections take place in 90% or more of home sales today. Conducting the inspection ahead of time and with your choice of inspector provides benefits to you in a number of ways:

  • Helps you accurately price your home, reducing time on the market.
  • Prevents unexpected issues from delaying or derailing a sale later on.
    Gives you time to get reasonably priced contractors or make repairs yourself.
  • Highlights positive aspects of a home for added selling points.
  • Encourages buyer to waive inspection contingency.
  • Adds professional documentation to the disclosure statements.
  • Provides a professional report that helps your home stand out among other properties. Know Before You Show!

Sell Faster

Attract more buyers with a pre-inspection.

Make More Money

Choose what to fix, on your terms.

Make Better Decisions

You'll have our expert knowledge guiding your decisions.

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