Sewer Scope Inspection

Do I Need a Sewer Scope?

It’s no secret that a sewer backup can be pretty gross and potentially an expensive event when you own a home. Sewer line repairs can also be extremely expensive, as it requires a lot of excavation and potentially street or sidewalk repairs. A sewer scope before you purchase the home will help ensure that the main sewer line is free of problems that can cause headaches after you move in. At ProTec, our inspectors are highly proficient in identifying existing and potential plumbing concerns.

What is a Sewer Scope? 

A sewer scope is a process that uses high-end technology to look for any current or potential issues. During the evaluation, our inspectors access the sewer line through a clean out access point. A sewer clean out is a capped pipe which provides access to the sewer line, allowing people to clean out any potential blockages. This can be located in the yard or somewhere in the house. The inspector will then view anywhere between 100-200 feet into the main sewer line using real-time image transmission. This allows the inspector to determine the condition of the inside of the pipe. Sewer scopes help give home buyers a peace of mind and helps eliminate any guesswork. It is a non-destructive process that can identify problems within the sewer line so they can be fixed before causing any costly plumbing issues or sewer backups. 

When do I need a sewer scope?

There are multiple factors to consider when deciding if a sewer scope is needed. Was the property recently remodeled? If so, there are a lot of materials and debris that can get flushed down the drains during the process. A sewer scope will allow us to see if there is anything lodged in the sewer line that could be preventing the flow of waste through the pipes. Are there large trees in the yard? If so, it is possible that roots have grown into the gaps of your pipes and a sewer scope can determine if there are any cracks in the pipes due to root growth. Is the home older than 20 years old? If so, a sewer scope can look for any cracks and determine if soil settlement around the house has caused the pipe to collapse. 

What types of problems will the camera identify?

The camera can determine if there are any sections in the piping that have separated. Waste and water can build up at the offset in the pipe and cause a backup. A sewer scope will allow us to see if there are any low areas in the pipe collecting water and solid waste causing poor flow through the pipe. 

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