Termite Inspection

We Inspect For Wood Destroying Insects


Our teams are certified to inspect for various types of wood-destroying insects!

Trust ProTec to make sure your structure is safe from termites and other wood destroying insects.


These critters can destroy wood, insulation, and siding causing damage to any building they make their home. Many times an infestation can go undetected to the untrained eye for years until a major problem occurs. Our inspectors will perform a visual evaluation of the accessible areas of the home. This includes the main floors, attics, crawl spaces, and basements. If any sign of damage or previous termite treatment is found we’ll let you know.

At ProTec, we do not benefit from up-selling you a service to remove these wood-destroying-insects, rest assured, we will call it like we see it. Companies that provide treatments for termites have an added incentive to “find” termites so that treatment will be required. Termite inspections are a frequent add-on option for all full home inspections and most lenders require it!

Termite Protection Plan