Termite Inspections

Why Do You Need a Termite Inspection?

These critters can destroy wood, insulation, and siding causing damage to any building they make their home. Many times an infestation can go undetected to the untrained eye for years until a major problem occurs. 

Our inspectors will perform a visual evaluation of the accessible areas of the home. This includes the main floors, attics, crawl spaces, and basements. If any sign of damage or previous termite treatment is found we’ll let you know.

We currently don’t offer services to remove insects if found, so that means we’re only incentivized to deliver a quality termite inspection, whereas other companies that do may be inclined to find any reason to recommend treatment.

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Termite Inspection

The Dangers Of
Termite Damage

Most people don’t think about termites until they start seeing the damage they’ve done. By then, it can be expensive and difficult to get rid of them. That’s why it’s important to have a home termite inspection at least once a year. There are several signs that a building may be infested with termites. The most obvious sign is the presence of termites themselves. Another sign is the presence of winged insects near doors and windows. Tunnels made of mud may also be a sign of an infestation.

FAQs About Termites

Where do Termites come from?

In most cases, termites enter a building through cracks in the foundation or through gaps around doors and windows.

When are Termites most active?

Termites are most often active in the spring and summer months, when temperatures are warm and the ground is moist.  However, they can still be active year round.

How does Termite Control work?

The system will reduce or eliminate the termite colony, helping to protect your home from further damage.
We will also provide ongoing monitoring of the baiting system.

How do I detect Termites in my home?

There are a few signs that can tell you if there is a presence of termites in your home. The most common signs are small holes in wood surfaces or piles of discarded wings along doors or windows.

Why are Termites attracted to my home?

Termites feed on dead plants and trees, getting nutrients from fibers found in wood and plant matter. Moisture issues such as leaky pipes and improper drainage attract termites towards a home.

What do Termites look like?

Termites have soft bodies with straight antennae. They measure between 1/4 and 1/2 of an inch. Colors can range from white to dark brown, the worker termites are typically lighter in color.

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