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Who Needs A Rental Inspection?

When required by your county, you will need to conduct a rental inspection for your property before taking on tenants.

You will need a state-licensed home inspector to assess your units, following the county’s provided forms to make sure it’s approved. To find out what yours may require, refer to their website for more information. 

Overall, rental inspections are vital to ensuring that both tenants and landlords have rights protected while providing comfort that homes remain safe environments throughout tenancy agreements. Rental inspections allow both parties to have more confidence when entering into agreements with one another.

What We Test For

Rental inspections will vary by county, but to get an idea of the general things they may look for, we’ve pulled examples of requirements from
 Baltimore County’s rental inspection checklist:

“Smoke Detectors must be present and operational on every level excluding unoccupied attics, garages, or crawl spaces.”

“There is hot and cold running water in kitchen and each bathroom with no leaks below sink area and all toilets flush.”

“Carbon Monoxide detectors are present on every level of the dwelling and audible in sleeping areas.”

“There are no sleeping areas in the basement or if there is a sleeping area in the basement, there is a secondary means of escape.”

“The furnace is either operational or because of outside temperature it is unable to be tested.”

“Hand railing is present for interior and exterior steps with more than 3 risers.”

Why Choose ProTec Home Inspectors

All ProTec inspectors are cross-trained in every aspect of inspecting and are constantly undergoing training to stay on top of their game. We have multi-lingual inspectors & office staff!

We have completed over 50,000 inspections, leading the industry in experience and excellence.

With a 24/7 Scheduling and a continuously growing team of inspectors, we have the flexibility to work with your schedule! Offering an array of ancillary services, we can accommodate all of your inspection needs with one phone call and deliver fast, exceptional reports.

Learn more about why our customers love us! We are the best home inspection company serving Baltimore & the surrounding areas!

Our Standalone & Add-On Ancillaries

Radon Testing

Termite Inspection

Mold Sampling

Pool Inspection

Water Testing

Sewer Scopes



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